~ Blip Purge


If you don’t know by now, Blip, the video uploading site that many reviewers have their videos on, has done another purge of shows and producers, including some on TGWTG. So far, we know that Leon Thomas (Renegade Cut), The Omega (Co-host of Lesbian Talk and Diamanda’s Wife) Andrew Dickman,…

This really makes me sad.



All credit goes to - japharts

**Trigger warning**

This, literally, is dead on exactly how I feel, and probably a lot of you guys too.

i’ve never seen a comic that narrates what is consistently running through my head so thoroughly

like i know logically that its untrue but god that voice in my head will not shut up telling me this shit

hey if anybody feels like this right now i just want u to know that the creepy shadow voice telling you all that stuff IS a lie and you are very valuable to the people in your life

<3 stay tough space cowboys

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I’ve been seeing some images floating around of pokemon as animal crossing villagers, and I thought it was pretty adorable, so I decided to do some of my own with a few of my personal favorite pokemon!  I love Doublade too, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that into a villager because… well, you know.

Wow :)